College Updates and Weekend Adventures

To check out a video of my weekend adventures, click below!

College Updates and Weekend Adventures

Hi everyone!  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated the blog.  Since college has started I’ve been pretty slammed keeping up with school, work, and spending time with friends and family.  This weekend I finally had a minute to relax, sleep in, and laze around… but of course I decided to take that downtime and do some exploring instead of catching up on sleep.  Be sure to check out my video from this weekend at the link above!

My first stop on Thursday was Blood Mountain, where I decided to take an overnight camping trip.  Although I’ve hiked Blood a bunch of times, I’ve never had the chance to camp at the summit.  It wasn’t until after I made all my plans and prepared all my gear that I realized I would be camping the night of Friday the 13th.  Alone.  On a mountain literally called Blood Mountain.


Somehow, I made it out alive.  Friday morning I stopped by Mountain Crossings to shower off, grab some food, and get directions to Amicalola Falls, where I met my longtime friend, Hannah.

After hiking the falls, we made our way to a nearby apple orchard for some apple picking and to enjoy some fried pies.

The next day, my friends from school (Hannah and Mckayla) and I decided to check out Minnehaha Falls, about an hour from the school.  The short hike had an incredible payoff, as the waterfall is one of the best in the state, in my opinion.  Although there were lots of other people at the falls, it was still beautiful.

On Sunday, my boyfriend Solomon and I hiked up to Rabun Bald, a trail we first explored last summer when tackling Georgia’s 5 tallest mountains in 48 hours!  Although the trail is short at 1.6 miles, it’s pretty steep.  The views are absolutely worth it (it is the second tallest summit in Georgia).  Although I didn’t get many photos or videos from the top because there were lots of people, the views are always stunning.


Hopefully I’ll have more time to update the blog as the semester goes on.  I have lots of ideas for future adventures and blogs so stay tuned!


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