5 Mountains in 48 Hours

A couple weekends ago, I gave myself a challenge to climb Georgia’s 5 tallest mountains in 48 hours.  I ended up accomplishing the challenge in 29 hours and 45 minutes!  Check out the video below to hear more about my adventures:

The Stats:

1. Brasstown Bald – 4,783′.  Reached summit via Jacks Knob Trail – about 6 miles roundtrip.

(Top of Rabun Bald)

2. Rabun Bald – 4,695′.  Reached summit via The Bartram Trail beginning at Beegum Gap – 3 miles roundtrip.

3. *Dicks Knob – 4,619′.  Reached summit via Forest Service Road 54B, ATV trails, and bushwhacking – about 5 miles roundtrip.

(Hiking up Dicks Knob)

4. Wolfpen Ridge – 4,560′.  Reached summit via Jacks Knob Trail – summit is about 2-2.5 miles into the hike.

5. Blood Mountain – 4,459′.  Reached summit via Byron Reece Trail (which then connects to the Appalachian Trail) – about 4.5 miles roundtrip.

(Top of Brasstown Bald)

*Note – while there is some information available on the Internet about how to get to/hike Dicks Knob, I’d strongly recommend contacting a local ranger service or forest watch.  They will most likely have the most recent and accurate information.

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