The Must-See of Seattle


Hello all!  At the beginning of December I took a trip with my family to Seattle to get a feel for the town as my parents will be moving there next summer.  The trip was incredibly fun and the perfect way to kick off Christmas break, so I wanted to share our itinerary in case you find yourself there and need some ideas of what to see and where to eat!

Day 1: Pike Place Market and the Gingerbread Village

Although our first day mostly consisted of travel, we did have the evening to explore the area around Pike Place Market.  The market is probably one of the most famous establishments in Seattle, and although it was closed the night we first went, we came back another day to walk through and see the different vendors.  From there, we stopped in Metsker Maps, a super cool store containing – you guessed it – lots of unique maps, postcards, and guidebooks.  If you find yourself in downtown Seattle around Christmastime, the Sheraton hosts a Gingerbread Village featuring crazy cool and detailed sculptures all made out of candy!  We were also lucky enough to be staying in a hotel right next to the Space Needle which is a beautiful nighttime sight.
Where to eat: Blossom Vegetarian in Renton is a perfect place to grab a bite after a long flight; they have countless vegan options including the best faux chicken nuggets I’ve had!  Veggie Grill is a great option as well with a variety of sandwiches, bowls, and sides.

Day 2: Books and Records Galore


We took a lazy Sunday to check out some shops around town: the Elliot Bay Book Company is a really nice store with tons of books and stationary.  There are lots of record shops nearby as well so make a point to stop by one and browse away.  After picking up some groceries and checking out the well-known Jimi Hendrix Statue on Broadway St., we took some time to relax in the hotel before heading back out for dinner.
Where to eat: vegan waffles and ice cream from The Cookie Counter make for a delicious start to the day.  Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria has some of the best vegan cheese I’ve had with tons of topping options!

Day 3: Olympic Sculpture Park, Redmond, and Bellevue

Start your morning off by taking a lazy walk through the Olympic Sculpture Park.  With lots of interesting sculptures and art pieces and a prime view of the water (we were lucky enough to see a seal!), it’s a beautiful spot.  Taking a short walk up towards 5th Avenue will also take you by the Pacific Science Center where you can see some more sculptures and catch a beautiful view of the Space Needle.  That day, we took a drive up to Redmond to visit the Microsoft campus and grab drinks at a coffeeshop before catching the sunset in downtown Bellevue and enjoying the Christmas lights.  Finish off the day by taking a walk or drive through Candy Cane Lane, a neighborhood in Seattle that goes all out with the Christmas decorations every year.
Where to eat: Teapot Vegetarian House in Redmond is another delicious vegan Asian restaurant to check out – make sure to try their Thai iced tea!  If you’re looking for a cup of coffee and a relaxing vibe, stop by SoulFood CoffeeHouse (also in Redmond).

Day 4: MoPOP, Starbucks Reserve, and Kirkland

The Museum of Pop Culture is a super cool stop with exhibits that rotate out – when we visited, they had one about science fiction movies, one about horror movies, several music exhibits about David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix, and a huge area dedicated to Star Trek.  After taking our time at the museum, we visited Starbucks Reserve, a location serving blends and drinks you can’t find anywhere else.  After lunch nearby, we decided to spend the rest of the day driving through the Lake Washington and Kirkland areas.  The homes in these neighborhoods are stunning and they have beautiful views of the water so be sure to check them out if you have the time.  Our last day in Seattle was relaxed and fun, the perfect end to a stellar vacation.
Where to eat: El Borracho serves up some amazing vegan nachos with the best vegan queso I’ve had yet.

There you have it!  I’m eager to go back and see more of Seattle and the neighborhoods around it.  If you need more inspiration, check out my friend Olivia’s blog about her trip to Seattle over the summer:
Until next time!

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