An Afternoon in Chattanooga

The other day my friends and I had the rare chance to spend the day together, so we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Armed with some good tunes (check out the latest from The 1975 or throw it back with Twenty One Pilots’ self-titled album), an abundance of snacks (peanut butter crackers all the way, baby), and zero plans or expectations, we made the quick drive up to Chattanooga under cloudy skies.

Once in town, we grabbed a bite to eat at Terminal BrewHouse, a relaxed, tasty, and well-priced spot with an awesome rooftop garden (although we did have to seek refuge under some umbrellas once cloudy skies turned into light showers).


Next, we wandered across the street to  Wildflower Tea Shop & Apothecary, the absolute cutest place to grab a cup (or a pot) of tea and do some studying or socializing.



After a relaxing pot of Fairytale Blend tea we meandered over to Warehouse Row, a chill shopping spot residing in a former warehouse, a la Ponce City Market.  We wandered through stationery stores, admired the aesthetics of Anthropologie goods (because who has an extra $90 laying around for a tank top?) and freaked out upon the sight of a golden retriever puppy.



We then took the long, hot trek to the other side of Walnut Street Bridge, where we enjoyed fresh juices and snacks at Pura Vida, scoured through record shops and thrift stores, and took a ride on the antique carousel in Coolidge Park.



Once we returned to our side of the bridge, we treated ourselves to some ice cream and made our way back to the car to return home.


All in all, it was a lovely day with lovely people in a lovely town.  There’s something so special about taking a spontaneous trip with friends, and I’m glad I was able to spend the day with these beautiful people before we embark on our respective adventures of college, work, and traveling.


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