Atlanta Botanical Gardens: After Dark

Last weekend, in celebration of Mother’s Day, my family ventured to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to experience their “Chihuly in the Garden” exhibition at night.
My family actually first saw the Chihuly exhibition years ago at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, but seeing it a second time after dark was an even cooler experience.
All of the pieces were created by Dale Chihuly, who has been a glassblower since the 1960’s.  Chihuly’s pieces have been shown all over the world, and they don’t disappoint.  Each piece is so whimsy and colorful, and each part is so intricately crafted.
The fact that the exhibition was hosted at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens only made it more beautiful: the gardens are so extensive and well-manicured that they were the perfect setting for Chihuly’s unique pieces of art.
All in all, we had a fantastic, relaxing evening of strolling around the gardens at night.  After exploring the gardens, we rushed over to the nearest Whole Foods where we grabbed some vegan desserts (chocolate coffee cake and vegan brownie, you have my heart) and some surprisingly delicious non-dairy milk (Califia Farms Vanilla Protein Almond Milk is where it’s at!)

Take a look at some of my pictures from the night in the photo gallery below.



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