Sweater Collection

Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means Christmas isn’t soon after – I love this time of year for a bunch of different reasons (getting together with family, enjoying fires and holiday movies, consuming unholy amounts of cookies, etc.), and one reason I love it so much is I get to break out my sweater collection.
Sweaters are basically the perfect piece of clothing.  They’re warm, cozy, fashionable, and easy to style, and I’ve gathered a pretty fun collection of sweaters over the years: check them out!

realsweater1The One From Goodwill

I recently rediscovered this sweater after picking it up at a local Goodwill last year and I’ve been wearing it nonstop!  This sweater always keeps me warm and is really versatile – I love pairing it with a pair of dark skinny jeans and some ankle boots.


The Hand-Me-Down

To be honest, I actually stole this sweater out of my dad’s closet.  He hadn’t worn it in years and I loved the dark cranberry color.  The sweater was a bit too broad in the shoulders so I ended up cutting the collar – now I can easily pair this sweater with a fun tank top (like this daisy halter-top one!).


The One From Middle School

This is the only sweater in my collection that wasn’t bought at a thrift shop or vintage store (or stolen from a family-member): I got it at Forever 21 way back in middle school!  I love the color of this sweater – it looks great with both simple accessories or other colorful pieces.  In the summer, I like to pair this sweater with some loose black-and-white shorts for a relaxed, fun look.


The Crazy 80’s Sweater

I love this sweater.  So much.  I spotted it at a fun vintage shop near downtown Atlanta and knew I had to buy it.  Admittedly, the sweater is a bit short on me, but I love it anyways.  This is another sweater I love to wear year-round: either in the winter with some dark jeans and sneakers, or with light bottoms in the summer!


The One I Always Get Compliments On

I picked this sweater up a couple of years ago at another local Goodwill for an ugly sweater party at my school.  This sweater is an extra large so it’s definitely pretty roomy on me, and the pattern and colors scream 90’s, but strangely enough, this is probably the piece of clothing I get the most compliments on!  I do love this sweater, despite the unlikely colors and extra-large-fit.  It’s super comfy and looks fun and casual with some dark jeans and sneakers.

And there you have it!  I’m not usually one to post about fashion, because I always go for comfort over style, but I am pretty proud of my little collection of sweaters.  They’re fun, versatile, and still downright comfy.

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